Friday, November 03, 2006

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I thought there'd be more than that. The funny part is I already know one other living one, my father....(that's right, I'm Henry the FOURTH), my grandfather and great grandfather are both dead.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why Daddy is a Republican

Ran across an advertisement for a book titled Why Mommy is a Democrat. I was perusing the website for this heinous book, and I realized the level of indoctrination many Democrats want to do to children. I don't believe politics should be introduced in ANY child who is too young to understand the REAL concepts involved. Politics is not a simple matter of "Mommy protects us" or "Mommy makes us share our toys.

The sampe pages for the book shown just exemplify the horridness of anyone who would actually use this book to teach their children to become Democrats. Let me introduce them, The author is showing us that Democrats want to rule over us like Mommy does, that we (the masses) are nothing but children and need to be told EXACTLY what to do to make life better.

In one word: Socialism. Sharing one's wealth with someone less fortunate should be a personal decision. If one is destitute, then society does have an obligation to keep him from dying, but oftentimes such destitution is the cause of his own life choices. What this page is telling us is Democrats want to FORCE us to share our wealth. What if I worked hard for the money I make, and I would rather spend it on myself, because I've earned it?

Now this one just borders on the ridiculous. Let's just tell the kids that Democrats make you safe and everything will be all right. Everybody has a real vested interest in keeping their constituents safe. However, lax border security, defending criminals while victims suffer, gun control measures that make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own a gun(often for self-protection), appeasement attitudes towards this countries enemies (need I go on?), all show "Democrat" attitudes towards your safety. To equate politician's interest in keeping you safe with a mother's instinct is ludicrous.

Sure, as long as they go to state-run up schools through secondary education (high school). However, once you hit college age, that is up to you. Does any Democrat have any clue about community college? Community College is the stepping stone to anywhere (many of the requirements for entry into a Bachelor's program at a 4-year school are bypassed when transferring from Community College), and literally costs a few bucks a semester. To depict an Ivy League school in such an illustration is outright propaganda. The only people allowed to get into Ivy League are either the rich down to upper middle class (I'm not just talking incomes, those types tend to be very elitest), and that is regardless of whatever your political leanings are. Kerry and Bush both went to Yale(notice who the young male in the figure is drawn to look like) at about the same time, getting quite similar grades. Ask any of those top "pedigree" families and they would upturn their noses about letting "just anyone" in, except for the token charity case, often well publicized in the media.

Just using the example pages, reading the pages just turns you off, as it reads exactly like a religious book, indoctrinating children young into a certain political standpoint. I don't have a problem with most children's books that DO teach children about morals and values, as long as they mention all people should live up to that standard. If someone had written a book titled "Why Mommy is a Republican", I would be ridiculing the book for the exact same reasons...children too young for politics are TOO YOUNG FOR POLITICS (if you want to ask what age, just look @ how the book was written, if you think a child of a certain age would read at this level, then they are way too young for politics).