Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well I haven't been online or done anything to this blog in forever. I know I probably should, 'cause I do have friends I still somewhat maintain from this. I initially started it in the wake of the 2004 election, because I sort of wished to get involved politically. However sinc ethen politics have turned me off to itself... kinda weird I know. However, this eventually became more of a personal diary of how I am doing (which for some is needful, especially since I work and sail onboard ships, so I'm often not within cellular phone reach so this and email is the only way to contact me.

I got off the USNS Saturn just after thanksgiving, but my family was all still at home in Bakersfield (tough for my little sister as she lives and works in San Diego on board the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)), so we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving together the day after. I also was able to enjoy my birthday, November 27 (I'm 25 now), and then of course, Christmas. I reported the day after Christmas to CSU-West (Customer Support Unit West), the place where all CIVMARs (Civilian Mariners, like myself) report when we're waiting for a ship, and we're still on duty. We actually earn our base salary while we're waiting around day after day. Last time I did this, I was waiting for 3 weeks before I was sent to the USNS Saturn. That's long, too, for someone like me (engineering officer). Most of the dime-a-dozen people like AB's (Able Bodied Seaman), OS's (Ordinary Seaman), SU's (Steward Utility), and some of the other Engineering ones, too: EU's (Engine Utility), Wipers, and so forth, usually end up in there sometimes for a month or two.

I'm currently staying at the Howard Johnson Express on Hotel Circle in Mission Valley. It's awesome here 'cause its really close in (the closest Government Contracted hotels to Point Loma Sub Base, actually), really close to Old Town San Diego (honestly, I could walk to Old Town, would take somewhere close to 15-25 minutes, but I could do it), and within an easy short drive to my little sister's apartment (near Qualcomm Stadium, for the SD Chargers). Here's hoping I get a decent ship and a safe travel to it, as well as a safe and fun wait here in San Diego.