Saturday, February 02, 2008

Getting Ready for deployment

Hey folks, extremely long time without an update, I know. Currently the USNS Kanawha is getting ready for its deployment to the Persian Gulf. We're set to leave within the next week, the crew is almost all gone this weekend (the last weekend before deployment).

Lots of last-minute contract work is getting done, too, all in preparation for the upcoming deployment, last minute crew changes and additional crew members. We even have 2 deck cadets (both from Kings Point, United States Merchant Marine Academy), and one engine cadet, from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

I hope I'll be a little bit more frequent with updates while we're underway. Obviously I cannot divulge schedules, locations (maybe port visits), due to the "Operational Security" nature of where we go and what we do, but I'll try to keep writing.

Fair winds and following seas,