Friday, December 02, 2011

I'll post here when I can...

Hey nobody who reads me, i'm posting while on vacation at my girlfriends house on my Toshiba thrive using the Android blogger app, interesting. I just tried booting up my Clevo computer with Ubuntu on a USB flash drive, weird and interesting but doing anything is a much too involved process, no wonder Android is a virtual Java machine on too of a Linux kernel, I can't imagine having to do all that code commands on my phone on a daily basis.

I'm going to try a few other Linux distros to see if I like them better. The windows vista boot up hard drive failed when I upgraded it to windows 7, so I tried to restore back to vista and it kinda doesn't work anymore, thank goodness I can still boot up to windows XP. I'm trying to try a Linux distro that works for me on that other had mainly because I want to play minecraft and it keeps crashing the blue screen of death on my windows XP on the latest version of Minecraft and latest nvidia drivers and version of Java runtime.

In the meantime my stint on the USNS Pecos went fairly well, except for the whole thirty day thing. Long story short,I was yanked off of the USNS Kanawha to go to the Pecos, which happened to be in Singapore at the time, with the promise that it was only going to be a thirty day assignment or so (I know, I have the original email). It turned out to be four months later when they finally paid me off, not because they sent a relief, but because the engine room 2nd engineer was coming back from ships funded leave and he had cargo experience, so the chief engineer had no problem paying me off.

Now I've got plenty of ammo to refuse an assignment like that if its ever offered again. Ordinarily those assignments are technically an offer to refuse, but I've heard more times than not from people who have sailed with MSC for years, decades, etc... That to refuse it would leave a black mark on my career, especially since at the time it would be considered a promotion (I was a permanent 3rd engineer).

I have a YouTube video that has well over 14 thousand views now! I was a part of the development community that first rooted the Toshiba thrive and put clockwork mod recovery on the thrive! My video is a walkthrough tutorial on how to root it, its a little old, in that the tool used is newer but at least the steps used match the same process.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Long time coming back?

Hey there, haven't posted here in forever, just been busy and well to be truthful, I've completely let this blog slide from my mind. I may decide to post pictures from everywhere I've been since I haven't posted (Who wants to see pictures from Rhodes, Greece?), and then again I may completely forget about this place.

I may decide to only post about techno-stuff, who knows?