Monday, July 30, 2007

Marine Engineering Blog?

After having merited a "link" from Fred Fry International's Maritime Monday for the second time, I've come to realize I am in a unique position, especially among the rest of the Bear Flag League (California bloggers of whom I am a member, due to my current permanent residence in Kern County), in that I can put forth maritime concerns (especially those featuring engineering as they can have implications ashore as well).

I'm not sure if I can scour the internet and bring forth many concerns that he does, but I can discuss happenings within Military Sealift Command, as many of you all out there are U.S. Taxpayers, and your money pays for a lot of the competence and INcompetence that goes on in any federal bureaucracy.

In this coming September, I'll have been sailing for Military Sealift Fleet Support Command for 2 years, and done at least a 4 month tour on 4 different vessels, all different classes of ship as well.

Ship 1:
USNS Mount Baker (T-AE 34)

Ship 2:
USNS Saturn (T-AFS 10)

Ship 3:
USNS Zeus (T-ARC 7)

Ship 4:
USNS Kanawha (T-AO 196)

I just barely reported to the Kanawha, and we're tied up in Norfolk,VA, almost ready to head into the shipyard for our stanrd overhaul and work. As I've previously mentioned I hope I'll be able to post tons of pictures, maybe with me in a few shots.

Kanawha's powered by twin Colt-Pielsticks, twin shafts with Controllable Pitch Propellors.

Monday, July 23, 2007

USNS Kanawha

Yippe ki yay (however you spell that).

Another long time no posting time....?

Onboard the USNS Kanawha as a 3rd A/E. This ship has an unmanned engine room so it's a little different. I don't stand watches but every third day I stand the "duty", and I still work normally during the normal working hours. We're set to go into the shipyard soon and we're tearing apart the main engines. Awesome, I hope to have lots of pictures.

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