Saturday, March 19, 2005

Same ol Same ol

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LONDON (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of protesters against the war on Iraq marched through European capitals on Saturday, but President Bush said the invasion just two years ago had shielded the world from "grave danger."

"George Bush ... Uncle Sam. Iraq will be your Vietnam," chanted 45,000 protesters winding through central London as they put down a black cardboard coffin with the slogan "100,000 dead" scrawled on the lid outside the U.S. embassy.

I thought we've been through this already. Now the Europeans are jumping on the hippie bandwagon, two years down the road? I thought we understood that the 100,000 dead figure was a dartboard. Are they claiming that every person that was killed (that wasn't an American) an upstanding citizen of lovely Iraq?

Apparently these Europeans don't like the idea of Iraq having elections. They also would prefer Saddam Hussein to Iraqis governing themselves. After all, Arabs sure as hell can't govern themselves, they need an "elite" figure who knows how.

The organizers of the London protest, the Stop the War Coalition, said they had tried but failed to deliver a letter to the U.S. embassy insisting that Bush and Blair pull their forces out of Iraq.

"We demand that you set an early date for the swift withdrawal of our troops from occupied Iraq, as the Italian government has been forced to do, and restore full and unconditional sovereignty to the Iraqi people," the letter said.

I thought that was the point of our going into Iraq in the first place. The actual Iraqi people NEVER had sovereignty before we went in there. Saddam Hussein and his ilk sure as hell kept the Iraqi people from ousting him. Some days you just wonder what the heck news Europeans have been watching. CNN?

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