Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Pictures from when we test-fired our water balloon launcher, and were recording firing pressures and distances. For those who can't figure it out, we are protecting the balloon from bursting by using a cradle that slides down our barrel, and then is prevented from going down-range with a parachute. In the shots below, the yellow object is the waterballoon, and the big blue thing behind it is our parachute deploying, stopping our cradle.

One of the launches, ours is the black one to the left, a competing launcher is sitting next to ours (ours is more compact)

Another test shot (no, I'm not in any of these pictures yet)

There I am! I'm on the right. So far we've been able to shoot a water balloon up to 180 yards. We know we can go farter because the other group (with their barrel painted gray) was able to shoot up to 255 yards (about 1/7th of a mile!)

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