Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yes, those rumors are true!

I am back! Here's a quick sample of some of the pictures that I took, and some of the places I've been recently.

Trip to Belgium/France/Turkey/Spain/Portugal/New York

Long story short, Turkey was really cool, I don't have any of my Ephesus pictures up yet, but it was awesome. Ancient Ephesus made the whole trip worthwhile. In Antwerp, a few other of the watch officers and I did a day trip to Paris, and that's where you see the Paris pictures. They had these ugly "Paris 2012" signs everywhere, apparently Paris was the favorite. Too bad London got it ;-).

Antwerp was really fun though, there were a lot of irish pubs right within walking distance (the only places open after 11:00 PM anyway), and Belgian waffle stands everywhere. They love their waffles! Mallorca was a great party and beach island (as you saw my previous post), and Lisbon, Portugal was just funny...they had these guys walking around with sunglasses going..."you want sunglasses? you want sunglasses?" then after you brush them off...they turn back and in a slightly quieter voice go "you want hashish? good hashish!". They had a wad of hashish in their other hand...it was actually quite hilarious.

Anyways...the trip was awesome, awesome views of New York on the way back in...

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