Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Think before Pain

Saw on Google! News:
Report Finds Fetuses Feel Pain Later Than Thought
Why did they do this research do you ask?
Taking on one of the most highly charged questions in the abortion debate, a team of doctors has concluded that fetuses probably cannot feel pain in the first six months of gestation and therefore do not need anesthesia during abortions.
... Are they serious? They cannot have it both ways! Is the fetus a living thing or isn't it? Did life begin at conception? If it did, then abortion is murder. If life began later, then why do we need to give an unliving thing anesthesia?

"Oh lets give the poor thing some pain medication so it doesn't feel itself being killed." Sounds like swabbing an inmate's arm with alcohol before administering a lethal injection.

Sometimes I just don't get it...

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