Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gettin to be that time of year

Well folks, there are christmas decorations in the engineering log office here aboard the USNS Mount Baker. I'm quite a bit more settled in than I was a month ago. I've more or less gotten the hang of the plant, so when things go haywire, I'll be a bit more ready to take control and prevent disaster in the middle of the ocean. By this point, we won't have any real port stay until Christmas, and there is no garuntee as to how long that stay will be. Of course, we'll still be on duty then, so those of us on watch will still be standing watch, and those that do day work will still work during the day (hey man, holiday pay, and life aboard ship NEVER ceases). We're still not within sight of any land, and we just had alligator for dinner tonight. It tastes too much like seafood for my taste. I think I'll stick with the beef that I also had (new york cut steak, lovely stuff). Whenever they put pork on the menu, I go ahead and grab it. Being out here in the gulf, it's pretty tough to get pork anywhere (them strict muslim rules, just as strict as jewish laws). I hope all of you will have a pleasant holiday season and peaceful shopping time. I'll be posting a bit more frequently (I hope!). It's about 7:35 PM here in the Gulf, and I have to head down to watch in the engine room right now, so ciao!

Henry Scharf
3 A/E (watch)
USNS Mount Baker (T-AE 34)

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