Sunday, June 11, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006

I apologize for not posting....for a long while, but I've been in San Diego, California waiting for a ship. Still no news, waiting for a ship.


I WILL be in town to at least view the hardest game of the first round...the USA match against the Czech Republic...currently the 5th ranked vs the 2nd ranked team on FIFA's international ranking system of Men's National Teams. I hope all of you will stop to watch the match...

By the way... Mexico defeated Iran earlier today 3-1 in what was an excellent match for Mexico, who played very well all the way through. Iran came out hard in the first 15 minutes getting quite a few excellent chances on goal, going 1-1 at halftime. A mistake by the Iranian goalkeeper allowed Mexico's attacker O. Bravo to put away the game winner, then to be followed by another goal minutes later.

USA vs Czech Republic in the "group of death", group E, tomorrow June 12, 2006 airing on ESPN2 at 11:55 AM ET, 8:55 PT.


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