Thursday, November 17, 2005

Alive and kickin'

Well folks, I figure it's time to send another update. We're somewhere in the area, I don't exacty know where either IN Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, or that little sea between, whatever that is (I don't quite have a map). What I do know is that we won't go into port for quite some time, so I can expect to be surrounded by water for a good while.

I just got a switcharound on my watch team. My junior engineer and one of my engine utilities had a screaming fight over a 60 cent soda, so long story short, I have a new junior engineer (they got switched). I much prefer this one due to his work ethic, willingness to learn, and respect for my authoritah! Yesterday we just switched out motor pump units underneath one of the evaporators (mm overtime). The opportunities to earn overtime on this ship are boundless. Being on watch, I am pretty much garunteed at least 16 hours of overtime each weekend (all watches on Saturdays and Sundays are considered overtime, even while at sea), and every other day, I stand meal relief for the 1600-2000 watch (an hour of overtime), so that's at least 33 hours of overtime every single pay period garunteed. I'm completely in charge of running the evaporators, and making our water so I better not screw up, hah.

It's still a little weird being someone who is literally in charge of the entire engine room for the 4 hours that is my watch. I'm not only in charge of the engine room, I'm the watch supervisor, so I'm in charge of the other people who are on watch, doing the little things like checking levels, taking readings, watching the fires, etc...

Meanwhile, I should probably get going. I just got off of the 0800-1200 watch and am pretty freakin' starving.
Henry Scharf
3 A/E (watch)
USNS Mount Baker (T-AE 34)

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