Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Shipyard pics!
Shot of me at bottom of drydock with propellors (before removal and cleaning)
Inside Port Main Engine crankcase, I was down inside when pistons/connecting rods were lowered to put up the ConRod bearing caps, new bearing inserts, and bolts w/ nuts
A buddy took these shots of me
Before I go in (are you sure you know how to work my camera?)
Dry as ever, stern shot of ship in drydock
Sea growth inside removable section of pipe
Port Engine put back together, heads down, and plastic covering valves and what not (before valve covers and rocker arms were put in place)
Ah, on the day of leaving the drydock, they started before bulk of ship's force arrived (Captain and Chief were onboard, of course)
People waiting to climb onboard the drydock via ladder (right in picture)

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