Monday, October 15, 2007

Back @ Norfolk Naval Base

The USNS Kanawha is now back at Norfolk Naval Base.

We've been busy lately going through "ATT", or "Afloat Team Training". Any time there is a major change in crew (such as post-shipyard, or pre-deployment), we get these people from "the base" that apparently have to train us on how to properly respond to Fire, Emergencies, and Abandon Ship (because apparently none of us know anything). It's funny, we get these people who haven't sailed in years (sometimes over a decade), and they're telling us how to respond to fires on board our ship. One more instance of people trying to justify their paycheck I guess.

What's really amusing about it, is they have no power to beach the ship, and we're currently going through the basic annual "COI" with the Coast Guard (continuing tomorrow). We just did a Fire drill (fire in demac shop!), and an abandon ship drill. The ATT idiots wanted us to do a Collision drill, but so far we've been too busy as it is taking care of the COI. Sorry Federal Government Cheese workers, but Coasties come first. Once we get certified to sail, THEN you can continue your useless training.

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