Saturday, December 18, 2004

Done with the semester

Whew. Freakin' finally done with the fall semester.
Fluid/Thermal Design - I know I passed, I wasn't able to turn in a few of the homeworks, but I know I pretty much aced everything else
Fluid/Thermal Lab - Probably end up with an A. Did really good on all the lab writeups as well as the Presentation for the Pre-mixed charge engine lab.
HVAC Design - Passed as well, Unsure as what grade though. I aced all the quizzes, got a B average on the Exams, high B average on the individual sections (when due), but the final report project binder I put together REALLY well, so Hopefully I'll see an A in that class. (same instructor for Heat Transfer, I'm surprised I ended up with an A in that as well, but we'll see)
Engineering Ethics - Definitely an A range. I didn't bother with the last homework assignment, and I got an A on everything else (except for one hw assignment, got a B). Even if I get a B, its fine, the class wasn't that important anyhoo. I just know how to go about making ethical decisions.
Project Design I - The first half of our capstone senior engineering design project. We did exceptionally well on our presentation, and we got each task in and did decent on them. Probably an A, but at least I know I passed. I'll be satisfied with a B though. Besides, next semester is where it REALLY counts.
USCG License Prep Seminar - This class was pretty much a joke, just preparation for the USCG license exam I'll take in the first week of January. We took a mock-up of each section every other week and I passed every one except for General (the most difficult one). All that means is that I'll get a no-credit for the course. Doesn't mess up my GPA, thank goodness.

I'm Done!

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