Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mommy, why are her headlights pointing at me?

Noticed from Paul at Wizbang!

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas
Gasps as Wonderbra loses its grasp
By Victoria Fletcher, Evening Standard
13 December 2004

A new bra designed to uplift women's cleavage has been withdrawn from sale after repeatedly bursting open.

Customers have found themselves humiliated when the clasp at the front which pulls the two cups together suddenly gives way.

It is especially cruel as the bra is designed to fit inside low-cut dresses which allow wearers little room for mistake.
The manufacturer has now recalled the Clearly Daring range only one month after it went on sale.

Playtex, which makes the Wonderbra, admits the design of the ?20 item is faulty.

"The centre area can break, causing the bra to split open," it warned. "This can occur on first use, but may fail after a number of uses."

Wonderbra shot to fame 12 years ago when supermodel Eva Herzigova modelled the lingerie in a nationwide " Hello Boys" campaign which brought traffic to a standstill.

How come this never happens to women that are around me?

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