Monday, September 12, 2005

Rudolph Guliani vs Ray Nagin

Mayor Ray Nagin missed a golden opportunity to garnish national public support (even though obviously he wasn't the only city affected).

He missed cues from (I'm quoting MSNBC-or was it CNN- here)"The nation's mayor" in how he dealt with the tragedy that occured 4 years ago yesterday.

What did Rudolph Guliani do? He didn't foist blame anywhere about the disaster response. What did he do? He never complained about what his city needed. What did he do? He moved in and got stuff done. He went EVERYWHERE in New York, especially at Ground Zero, kept up appearances and assured all who were watching that The Mayor was present and keeping order.

What did Ray Nagin do? He kept pointing fingers at people. What did he do? He kept screaming about "come help us we need this". What did he do?
He left to go to Baton Rouge. He used his position as mayor to get 100 VIP's out of the city ahead of his own constituents in the Superdome. I don't recall seeing ANY television footage of him at the Superdome nor convention center.

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