Monday, September 12, 2005

State of Louisiana EOP 2005

Excerpts and commentary from The State of Louisiana Emergency Operations Plan:

The American Red Cross (ARC) has a primary response function to mitigate suffering by providing emergency mass care, food, clothing, shelter, first aid, supplementary nursing care and aid to individual families. The ARC may also furnish medical care, health items, essential household furnishings, occupational supplies, equipment, and emergency rental for housing, transportation and temporary repairs.

So apparently, their State Department of Homeland Security violated its own EOP.

The Governor is responsible for the coordinated delivery of all emergency services, public, quasi‑volunteer, and private, during a natural, technological and/or national security emergency/disaster situation. The Governor has delegated the LOHSEP Director the authority to implement this plan, and to direct State‑level emergency operations through the regularly constituted governmental structure

governer blanco was in charge of the whole thing and is responsible for how emergency efforts are panned out in her state.

In the event of an emergency/disaster, the needed elements of State government will be in the State EOC located at 7667 Independence Boulevard in Baton Rouge. Should the primary EOC become inoperative, isolated, and/or unusable, the LOHSEP Director shall issue relocation instructions to deployment teams for the preparation of the alternate State EOC at Camp Beauregard or at another location to be determined at the time

No comment needed, just pointing out where all emergency services were...waiting.

Local governments are responsible under all applicable laws, executive orders, proclamations, rules, regulations, and ordinances for emergency management within their respective jurisdiction. Local emergency management organizations shall function from designated EOC's and are subject to the direction and control of the executive heads of government, in coordination with the Governor and the LOHSEP Director.

another way of saying that New Orleans was also responsible for its own fate.

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