Thursday, October 12, 2006

Homeward Bound

We just left Rota, Spain and are on our transit across the Atlantic Ocean to our home port of Norfolk, VA at the Navy Base there. Just a week and a half left or so until we're finally home in America.

Rota was nice, I wish we would have had more time. My junior and I went out and enjoyed a brew at this Irish pub (Paddy's) in the tourist section of Rota, we then wandered and had a bottle of wine with a sampler of local cheeses and sausages. We thought the place was a place to eat, but that's all it turned out to be. The wine was good (all I remember was it was a white), the cheese was dry, and I was already heavily buzzed so I don't remember much of it, and the sausages were good, too. We enjoyed one last drink @ Champions, the bar at Naval Station, Rota before heading back to the ship. Not much time to do anything when you only have a few hours because we were still standing sea watches. Oh well...

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