Sunday, October 08, 2006


We just left Augusta Bay, Sicily. I wish I had chosen to go to Syracuse rather than Catania, it was a little dirty, and early evening nothing was going on besides. Anyway...We have one more port left before heading home to Norfolk, and that is Rota, Spain. It's none too pleasant that we're only getting overnighters, especially when I have the 12-4 watch (overnighters we don't break sea watches to port we have to maintain the 4 on 8 off instead of port 8 on 16 off, giving us more time to go do stuff).

Oh well, the Navy Exchange in Rota is pretty good. The hours close the place too early so I hope that we pull in early enough to be able to use it (if not the comissary, than the SightnSound + Uniform center). Probably won't be enough time to actually go into town and enjoy the local scenery. After that it should only be another week and a half (at the most) before we get back to Norfolk!

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