Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My how times have changed

Remember the good old days when everyone in New York was a Yankees fan (and NO ONE admitted to being a Mets fan?). Times have changed as evidenced by the defeat of the Yankees at the hand of the Detroit Tigers. The St. Louis Cardinals just recently defeated the Mets in game 5 of the NL Championship series to come to a 3-2 lead agains the Mets. I wonder if in game 6 (and the the Mets win) in game 7 of the NL Championship series, if all of New York will become Mets fans (imagine the irony).

Update: The Mets won game 6 to tie it 3-3, and then game 7 was tied 1-1 up until the 9th inning..when the cardinals pulled ahead to win 3-1

World Series: Detroit Tigers vs St. Louis Cardinals.

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