Friday, January 14, 2005

Keynote doesn't do math

Keynote systems, apparently, doesn't do math.

MSN, Yahoo! Catching Up With Google
Posted by Clare Greenway on: Friday 14 January 2005
Google is still the search leader but rival engines Yahoo! and MSN are starting to catch up. 'Google is the king of customer experience in the search engine industry, but Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves are improving,' said Dr. Bonny Brown, director of research and public services for Keynote Systems.

Keynote conducted a survey of 2,000 web users for their opinions on the major search engines. Questions covering brand impact, customer satisfaction levels and future usage were asked. They compared the results of this poll with the same questions asked in May 2004 using the same demographic.

Google came out on top with 84 percent of those polled who said it's their primary search engine. 61 percent of those questioned said Yahoo! is their primary search engine - a 20 percent increase from last May's poll. MSN had a jump of 30 percent, with more people saying it was their main search engine. Microsoft's total was a low but respectable 38 percent. It's a nice turnaround for MSN as they are about to launch their new search engine to the general public.

Apparently, according to math, 45% of all polled claimed that Google and Yahoo! were their primary search engine. It doesn't matter who conducts the poll, because data is data. But who the heck is putting this information out to the public?

Maybe what the poll meant to say is "these are the percentage of customers who would be satisfied with this search engine" [as their primary one]. That definitely seems to make more sense than what was stated.
Apparently, this survey had people try different search engines, and for each search engine, the users responded that they were likely to use that search engine as their primary one. That is similar to what I mentioned earlier, so I R win. ;-)

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James said...

Actually, the Keystone survey was fine. It's just the reporter at that site that was lousy.

See the update to my post that sparked this debate