Friday, January 28, 2005

Open Source Revolution

A while ago I posted on the onset of open source software. When our family met up for Christmas (we met later than normal, on account of my little sister being in the Navy, on January 7th), I received a book titled rebel code: inside linux and the open source revolution. I thought it was cool, but the revelation hadn't quite hit me yet. I had just barely started using Mozilla Firefox myself, and hadn't quite understood fully the open source doctrine.

Just recently, I ran across this Google page that stated that 20 years of usenet articles was now incorporated into Google groups. What is so cool about it, is that they highlight Linus Torvalds' post about his 'pet project'(for those who don't know, that's talking about Linux). I read that exact same post in the book I'm reading!

Some days it just all comes together, you know?

Update 1:
I added banner links on my sidebar for Firefox, Thunderbird, and check them out! I didn't bother to create user accounts for either of those yet because currently I'm not a coder, I just want to help spread the word.

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