Sunday, February 13, 2005

Animosity of the Left

Paul over at Wizbang! feels that Democrats need to realize how to be a majority party before they can hope to do better in national elections. Apparently, "Sue in NH" over at DailyKOS feels that all Republicans are hateful mongerors.
I'm a republican. Fuck you.

I'm a republican. I have my own pile of money. Fuck you.

I'm a republican. My kids go to private school. I don't care about your kids, or public schools. When my kids are better educated than yours, they will get better jobs and make more money than your kids. Fuck you.

I'm a republican. I have a job with health insurance. If you were not so lazy or stupid, you would have a good job with health insurance too. It sure is sad when you go bankrupt after a catastrophic health crisis, but its probably your own damn fault anyway. Fuck you.

I'm a republican. I'm a Christian. You are either a heathen, a raghead Muslim, or the wrong kind of Christian. Fuck you.

I'm a republican. I'm...

...Rage, rage, rage against the lying right.
Damn that felt good! Do you have anything to add?
I added some of the post here so you don't have to give traffic to DailyKOS.

Why is it that you never really see this as commonplace on any of the major conservative weblogs? Daily KOS and Democratic Underground both spew forth this trash daily. Not only is the post kept up on the blog (the site creator, Markos, doesn't censor, filter, delete, or even respond to it), but there are hundreds of commentors that, in general, match the feverish pitch of hatred that they feel they still have for Rebulicans. I feel sorry for the centrist and moderate Democrats. Their party has been taken over by right-hating kooks. The party of Lieberman and Clinton has been taken over by Dean and Moore.

One thing I've noticed is that you don't see this spewing forth on conservative blogs such as Wizbang or LGF. I only mention those blogs because those are 2 of the biggest read conservative blogs that allow for unregistered, barely moderated comments (as well as the community of people who read those blogs daily). The majority of Democrats aren't this hate-filled, and I understand that. However, in order for the Democrats to be able to 'take back' what was once theirs, that is, regain control of both the House and the Senate (a truer measure of the balance of power in the country than the race for the President is), they need to regain control of their extremists.

A commenter over at Wizbang! in this post's thread wrote of another's comment about the DNC becoming the minority party because of laziness:
And the same thing will happen with the GOP if there is not a credible opposition to keep 'em honest. Our country needs a rational, optimistic Dem Party. (Gack! I can't believe I just typed that- but it's true.)

As long as the Michael Moore wing of the Dem Party is ascendant, they will (rightly) keep losing. That's bad for the long-term health of American politics.

I agree, not only for America's and the GOP's sake, but also because I'd rather have a healthy political debate with someone, instead of a temper-tantrum fit, and having to hold my ears because someone is screaming louder than a 5 year old kid with a cut finger.

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