Sunday, February 06, 2005

SuperBowl XXXIX

Pats win third Super Bowl ... all by a field goal

The Patriots won their third Super Bowl in four years with a dominant second half Sunday night, wearing down the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21.

It wasn't overpowering, and at times it was downright ugly. But it was more than enough to match the Dallas Cowboys' run of the 1990s and certify the Patriots of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady as the NFL's latest dynasty.

Fox Sports has the story, along with a great quote by Coach Belicheck:
"To me this trophy belongs to these players," Belichick said. "They met all comers this year, a very challenging year. We're thrilled to win. These players played great all year, their best in the big games and they deserve it, they really deserve it."
Hats off to the Patriots for their third superbowl victory in four years. (I must say I thought the Eagles had a great late 4th quarter drive, they almost tied it).

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