Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Thanks to more than a few bloggers, I recently became the target of a number of viewers because of this post and this post. Over at Wizbang!, a linked-to blog created a term he called "Wizbanging", referencing to the insane number of hits he got due to a high traffic blog like Wizbang linking him.

I'd like to welcome visitors who read Libertarian Girl, Deltoid, Jacqueline Passey, Foreign Dispatces, and Wizbang!.
Because of you, my traffic looks like this:


Update 1: I can't really take credit for "debunking" HAC. There have been efforts more serious than mine here and here, I just ran across a yahoo! photos album that contains the pictures she uses, and more, with a different name than "amanda", marie. I must admit that the story DOES seem "sensationalist", though.

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