Friday, February 11, 2005

Map of Cal Maritime

Not exactly a map, but in a previous post, I mentioned that our school has a webcam online. (Apparently some IE users can't view it. And to that I respond with GET FIREFOX)
Some may have a question as to whats what, so I took the liberty of taking a screenshot:
CMA webcam Screenshot
Picture Key:
A - T.S. GOLDEN BEAR, currently tied up at the CMA pier.
B - Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge (The Suspension bridge that was finished in 2003, I-80 west across the Carquinez Straight)
C - CMA boathouse and pier.
D - Technology building (built last year), and the Simulator center (houses a full mission, working, steam and diesel plant simulators), Welding Laboratory, and Machine Shop Laboratory (with many working lathes, milling machines, drill presses, etc..)
E - Laboratory building, with Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Power, Computer, and Fluid/Thermal Lab rooms
F - Classroom building (with plenty of classrooms, of course), including another Computer lab room.
G - Instructors' Offices Building
H - CMA Library
I - Flagpole (American Flag on top, California Flag on one side, and CMA flag on the other)
J - Big green rectangle called the quad. Where we meet for formations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 11:45 AM.
K - Mess Deck, our cafeteria. Its where we eat, and then 5 minutes later, get rid of the food we're served. Just kidding, the food is tolerable most of the time, but sometimes it can really suck.
L - Auditorium
M - Carquinez Straight, Northeastern Bay Area.
N - Approximately where I will stand during formations (such as today)

Any questions?

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