Saturday, February 19, 2005

Text Messaging

Well Verizon's text messaging service has always fucked up for me. Every text message I try to send just doesn't work out, POS. Not only that when I go to Verizon's Picture Messaging site, and I try "joining up" (you have to join up in order to be able to login), and I try putting my mobile number in the box, i hit "register" and it claims that it sent the auto-password to my phone....but NOTHING HAPPENS. I tried it numerous times, I then tried calling verizon and I was on hold for 20 minutes.


Update 1:
Thank Goodness its Verizon. I called the customer service people just now and I got through after 1 second on hold. The guy was (of course) friendly and apologetic. It seems the problem is that when Verizon "activates" text/picture messaging on your account, it apparently sometimes doesn't remove the block on incoming text messages. He removed the block and I received the confirmation.

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