Sunday, February 06, 2005

Promising Start for American Dad!

American Dad aired right after the Super Bowl and a new Episode of the Simpons. I must say, it was definitely a promising start. I love it when God calls Bush and requests Bush not to play up the relationship with things like "God made me President". Then God has a call on the other line, its Mr. Cheney. God then says "Yes sir?"

Man I was rolling so hard.

In American Dad, Stan is a CIA executive who, at his house, lives an alien who saved his life at Area 51, a goldfish that has the brain of a german olympic skiier, a loving wife, a hippie liberal daughter (so much so he frisks here every time she comes home), and a nerdy son, Steve.

Stan cares so much about security that he has a magnet with the terror alert (that looks crazily like the NBC peacock feather) color coding system on his fridge. He then goes ballistic when the toast pops up, and he shoots the hell out of the toaster. Freakin' hilarious. I wonder how far in they will start making fun of the Fox network. The best cartoon shows on Fox poke fun at Fox: Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy. Simpsons' moment: The episode of the Simpsons where Lisa is thrilled with astronomy, so gets all the lights turned off so everyone can see the sky, then at some point, they decide to turn on EVERY light (I forget why) so its as bright as daylight. At this point, Lisa points to the sky, "Hey, look, there is the Fox satellite!" She points to a crappy junkyard heap held up by balloons. Man that was hilarious.

Too much rambling?

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